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Getting my ear pierced

bali kuta beach sunset Sunset at Kuta beach in Bali

The build-up was a full two days. And then I went and did it.

I’ve never thought about getting any piercings before. Always thought that I had too much of a little boy face to look good with one. (Not that I really thought about it much at all in the first place.)

nick ang getting ear pierced Me getting my first piercing ever from Sukliwon in Bali

But I just got one of my ears pierced this evening in Bali. I started chatting with Sukliwon (my piercing specialist) at 8pm at one of what must be over a hundred tattoo and piercing shops in Kuta alone. By 820pm he was done, and my left ear was adorned with a little black dot.

I’m very happy with the process and how it turned out!

Today has been a beautiful day. I’m on a short vacation with my wife in Bali (our home away from home), I got a lot of writing done in the day accompanied by a great cup of coffee from Anomali Cafe, and the sunset was sublime. Now I have a chunk of black plastic hanging from my ear to remind me of it for a while.

nick ang first photo with earring and beer in hand in bali restaurant Enjoying a beer after getting the piercing, as if it was such a torture

Cheers to more days where we question our assumptions and cross new thresholds!

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Senior software engineer, dad, writer-thinker type. Big on learning something everyday and trying to have fun before the lights go out.
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