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Quicksort explained

Quicksort – stylised as a single word for some reason unknown to me – is a practical sorting algorithm that is often used in production code because it is very efficient for a sorting algorithm. To give you an idea of how complicated this is, I spent about 45 minutes reading the Quicksort chapter in…


How I feel about attempting to write 30 essays in 30 days

The burglar in the house

(This is #7 of 30 raw essays in 30 days.) It’s 6 am and the alarm goes off. Not the riiiiiiing on the iPhone designed to yank you back from dreamland (what a terrible list of built-in alarm sounds), but the subtle sound of crickets getting gradually chirping louder. Chi chi chi… CHI CHI CHI CHI… I…

Parenthood and Work

Once we become parents, our lives start revolving around our children’s needs rather than our own. This is the biggest distinction between life before and after kids.

Respect the cannotness

These days there is not a thing that I’m more grateful for than my wife. I have much to say about her, about how much she has influenced who I am today, which I fully expect to write about in this newsletter over time. In this post I want to examine something that I’ve been thinking about a lot…

Despite inconvenience

More fun, surprising, fulfilling, rewarding, and memorable experiences await us.

Please stop saying feedback is a gift

Stop pretending that you like everything about feedback. A gift is something that is meant to be liked. Feedback is not. Photo by Mark König I once gave feedback in a direct message (always default to 1–1 DMs when giving constructive criticism) to a leader at a company whom I thought was acting in…

Be the person everyone wants to teach

I've consciously taken a new approach to learning to do my job, and it's by doing one simple thing very deliberately - always teach what I learn

Engineers not developers

I just watched the documentary DOWNFALL: The Case Against Boeing and have feelings stirring inside me that I want to get down in writing. source: Netflix The documentary takes us through the timeline of the corruption of Boeing’s previously pristine and highly functional culture of engineering (and…

My 2021 Annual Review

An Annual Review is a personal note that is designed to spark self-reflection about the year that just went by. The goal is to take stock of the year, appreciate the little things, digest the learnings, and apply them in the years to come. This is my second year writing an Annual Review in this…