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I'm looking for my next role

Environmental Studies major turned Entrepreneur turned Software Engineer. I learn constantly, teach openly, communicate clearly, and consistently get things done through collaboration & leading through influence. The posts on this blog are the result of my continuous learning and sharing.

My LinkedIn profile is my most up-to-date resume. I do keep a separate PDF with more details - reach out in case you need that.

My only must-have for the next role is that it is fully remote, and I should be employed in Germany.

What coworkers and managers say about me

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Nick for nearly one and a half years, and it was truly remarkable. Nick's exceptional project ownership skills stood out throughout our collaboration. Whether it was tackling tasks on the backend or frontend, he consistently delivered outstanding results. What truly impressed me was his natural ability to navigate domain complexity with ease and his exceptional communication skills when engaging with stakeholders." Carlos R, senior software engineer (Shopify)
"Nick is technically strong, a fast learner and takes initiative to solve problems. He is a team player and a great communicator and will be a great value to any team that he is a part of." Justin Y, ex-manager, cofounder (Altitude Labs)
"I've personally seen him rock it as a writer, as a team lead, as a software engineer, as a project manager, as a mentor, and as a brilliant coworker. Working with Nick really made me feel like I belonged in the team." Milan R, Product Manager (
"I had the privilege of being taught by Nick during my time at General Assembly. Nick was one of my teaching assistants in the course and he was one of the better educators I ever had in my learning journey thus far. Nick is patient, logical, and approaches every single challenge with a zealous attitude. I am really honoured to have been taught by such a marvellous educator." Zhao L, ex-student, software engineer (GovTech Singapore)
"I thoroughly enjoyed having Nicholas as a teacher. He is very knowledgeable yet able to explain difficult concepts clearly. He made the course exciting and interactive, keeping us all engaged. Nicholas was always approachable and did go out of his way to help the class understand concepts, making himself available outside office hours to solve queries, provide guidance debugging code and even keep our spirits up!" Laura G, ex-student, professional in the publishing industry

Have a role where you're looking for someone with these traits? Send me a message on LinkedIn, or email me.