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Users expect bug-free software

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Users don’t care how your product works. As long as it works.

A user will accept one or two bugs in your product. They might be taken aback, but they’re likely to give you a chance or two.

A paying user will most likely not accept any.

But neither cares about why your product isn’t working exactly as it’s supposed to. So work hard to think of edge cases and handle them, write tests and if possible, use your own product constantly.

We seldom discover bugs in apps by Facebook, Uber, Basecamp, Medium, YouTube, Google, Slack… these are among the most used apps. And from constant exposure to excellent software, users have come to expect all software to just work (read: be bug-free).

While we know as developers that nirvana lies in 100 percent test coverage, and that nirvana is impossible just like perfection, we must still strive to deliver the experience of bug-free software.

Because users don’t care how it works. As long as it works.

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