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Success needs health

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All the success in the world means nothing if you don’t have good health to enjoy it.

Charlane (my wife) seems to be down with food poisoning tonight. It’s one of those unpredictable, common-ish illnesses that can swoop down on you without warning and render your body totally useless.

One moment we were going to enjoy a simple dinner together in between her makeup gigs, and the next moment she’s puking in the toilet 3 times in 20 minutes. Ugh. We’re biology after all.

I think we all like the notion of working hard. Casey Neistat, one of my favourite filmmakers and YouTubers, even has the words “work harder” tattooed on one of his arms.

But in my opinion, it is never (read: never ever) worth it to work hard to chase success, wealth, fame, overdue recognition, or anything in between at the expense of one’s health.

The only exception I can think of is if you’re working to bring the people you love out of poverty or something along those lines. Actually, even then, I think it might be wiser to do it within reasonable bounds, since your health would be the only thing you’re able to trade for some wealth.

Work, and work hard.

But work hard without damaging your health. Because all the success in the world means nothing if your body forces you to be in bed or next to the toilet bowl all the time. We have to be smart about working hard!

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