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On learning

No matter how many posts covering how many topics in however much depth that I write and publish here, they will only ever add up to an infinitesimally tiny fraction of all there is to know in this world.

But I find that encouraging, not discouraging.

Nobody will ever know everything, and if we know just enough interesting and useful things, we’d be able to contribute to our team, organisation, and the people we strive to serve.

In fact, I need to remind myself of this more, because it forces me to be picky about what I try to learn, from books, videos, articles, podcasts, and papers.

So much to learn, but so limited in time. We ought to pick with care.

But ultimately when unsure, just pick something. Learning something will always be better than not learning.

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Senior software engineer, dad, writer-thinker type. Big on learning something everyday and trying to have fun before the lights go out.
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