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Let the dataset change your mindset

I’m currently doing the Google Data Analytics course on Coursera because of a recent itch to learn how to be more proficient in querying data to answer business questions at work. I was going through the data visualisation segment of the course and decided to search YouTube for “data viz.” That’s…

12 Learnings from my Trip to Singapore in 2024

It’s 7am here in Singapore, one day before we leave for Düsseldorf after roughly 5 weeks abroad. We’ve been to China for a week and spent the remaining days in Singapore. I’ve learned a bunch! Here’s a selection of the ones worth mentioning. A noisy physical environment is costly The windows in…

Read to know what next

A counter to my own argument to always default to writing instead of reading when you have free time.

Hello you

Hello, you. I write these words as a person, as full of contradictions and complex as you are. Generative AI will never come as close as what you and I have right now as you read these words: a connection. You and I have a deeper connection than we think. You and I can’t help ourselves but fart at…

1, 2, 3, logged.

How to log your life's moments, observations, and thoughts like a pro

Paying for my own work tools

Your employer should pay for the tools that you need to use to get your job done, right? Right?? Well, let me ask you a different question: A car should let you cross at the zebra-crossing, since pedestrians have the right of way in those situations in all cities, right? Yes. But, do you really want…

First thoughts in Düsseldorf

We’ve arrived in Düsseldorf! Some thoughts below. Big open concept kitchen space combined with the living room… amazing. I’m excited and a little overwhelmed by the sheer possibilities. Goal: cosy, very active, full emphasis on the word living. Haven’t met neighbours yet but eager to make a good…