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First thoughts in Düsseldorf

We’ve arrived in Düsseldorf! Some thoughts below.

Big open concept kitchen space combined with the living room… amazing. I’m excited and a little overwhelmed by the sheer possibilities. Goal: cosy, very active, full emphasis on the word living.

Haven’t met neighbours yet but eager to make a good impression and make friends with at least one of them. Intending to invite people over once this place is hosting ready.

Really want an expensive hardwood dining table for once. Willing to invest a thousand euros. It’ll be the de facto place for eating, working on a laptop, cutting and glueing paper, having an organic family conversation and hopefully much, much more.

How to use the balcony? Need to overcome the knot in my mind about stepping outside. Still having strong preference since childhood to be inside because it’s warmer, more predictable, quieter. Thinking it could be messy play space, like cutting wood, painting handmade things, that kind of thing. Maybe a good place for hotpot so the inside doens’t stink up?

Parking situation on the streets is so-so. Definitely slightly more stressful here than in Berlin where we lived along a dead-end street that meant always available lots.

Feeling cheated by the previous tenants about some things, like the motorised blinds being black-out.

Need to take a “we have arrived in Düsseldorf” family picture at the Rheinufer Promenade for posterity. This, despite the apartment being a tornado ruin. Unpacking can and should be done slowly.

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